Modular Open Systems Architecture - MOSA References

Peter Henderson

14th May 2009

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More general references on Architecture and Open Systems are available in Peter Henderson's Open Systems bibliography

There are a huge number of documents on MOSA available on the web. The US DoD, in particular (for whom MOSA means Modular Open Systems Approach, not Architecture) have published guidelines, standards and advice through their OSJTF programme over the last ten years. A selection of these Defence related papers is listed below.

The following references are listed with the most recent first.

   Date       Title                           Comment                                              URL
2009 Defence Committee - Third Report - Defence Equipment 2009 Frequent mentions of the need for open architectures and generic openness, although sometime openness refers to relationships between organisations as well as openness of solutions.
2008 Technology Partnership in Defence - a Report from NDIC RDG Discusses Open Architecture and includes as an appendix a draft "Charter for Adopting Open Systems in Defence Acquisition"
2008 The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) to Defense Acquisition - Glen T. Logan Senior Systems Engineer, American Systems A recent and comprehensive view of the US approach. It is also worth following the link to the Defense Acquisition University course on MOSA (>2MB)
2008 Creating an Effective National Security Industrial Base for the 21st Century See recommendation 3, p8 - achieve lower costs and faster-to-field capabilities, while still achieving better performance
2008 Department of Defense Instruction - Operation of the Defense Acquisition System MOSA is a required part of the SE process - see p79
2008 Open Systems Architecture Rockwell Collins promotional website
2007 Naval Open Architecture Contracts Guidebook, version 1.1 From the DAU website : This guidebook has been crafted to provide the Navy's industry partners with guidance and example contract language to assist them in incorporating Open Architecture principles into their contracts.
2007 Analysis of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Implementation in Navy Acquisition Programs - Rene Rendon From the abstract : The purpose of this research paper to provide a preliminary analysis of assessments conducted on Navy weapon system acquisition programs using the Navy Enterprise Open Architecture Assessment Tool (OAAT).
2007 A Business Model for Defense Acquisition under the Modular Open Systems Aproach - Eugene Gholz From the abstract : This article briefly describes a business model that companies may apply to develop, produce, and sell avionics to the Department of Defense under a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA).
1996-2006 OSJTF - MOSA Defined From the US Open Systems Joint Task Force: a definition of the Modular Open Systems Approach (note, not Architecture)
2006 MOSA and TTP-Based Platforms for Aerospace Control Systems From the Abstract: This paper examines the compliance of time-triggered protocol (TTP), as a technology platform for advanced integrated aerospace control systems, with modular open system approach (MOSA)
2006 Using a Modular Open Systems Approach in Defense Acquisitions: Implications for the Contracting Process - Rene Rendon From the abstract : This research explores the use of the modular open systems approach (MOSA) as a method for implementing an evolutionary acquisition strategy as well as the implications of using such an approach on the contracting process.
2006 USN Naval Open Systems, Captain Jim Shannon, Future Combat Systems Open Architecture From the abstract : This research explores the use of the modular open systems approach (MOSA) as a method for implementing an evolutionary acquisition strategy as well as the implications of using such an approach on the contracting process.
2005 Integrating Business and Engineering Strategy Through Modular Open Systems Approach - Cyrus Azani and Col. Kenneth Flowers, Defense AT&L Journal An overview of the application of the MOSA directive and of the OSJTF. Includes a discussion of MOSA principles.
2005 The Defence Industrial Strategy - Defence White Paper (CM 6697) Frequent mentions of the need to "embrace open system architecture principles"
2004 Open Systems Policies and enforcement challenges Col. Kenneth Flowers and Cyrus Azani From the preamble: The guidance contained in this paper will assist government Acquisition Program Managers, their staff, and contractors to become more familiar with the DoD Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) concept and policies, and better understand the steps needed to more effectively comply with the MOSA policy requirements contained in the DoDD 5000.1 and other DoD directives.
2004 MOSA principles From the OSJTF Programme Manager's Guide
2004 Putting MOSA into Practice From the OSJTF Programme Manager's Guide
2004 OSJTF - MOSA Part The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Program Assessment and Rating Tool (PART)
2004 Open Architecture (OA) Computing Environment Design Guidance From the Forward: The [OA] strategy calls, in part, for establishment of OA Computing Environments (OACE) through the dissemination of guidance and standards that describe types of computing systems that will exploit open system design principles
2004 Open Architecture (OA) Computing Environment Technologies and Standards Companion document to the above. Lists Open Standards (mostly commercial) for the Infrastructure layers from Middleware down. Obviously somewhat out-of-date, but still largely relevant (that's sedimentation for you).
2004 An Open Architecture Approach to Network Enabled Capability From the Abstract: Research in the UK is currently being conducted to develop an open architecture solution for Network Enabled Capability (NEC). This paper outlines the current status of that research and discusses some key architectural issues.
2003 Defense Aquisition Guidebook Out of date, replaced by
2001 The Test and Evaluation Challenges of Following an Open System Strategy - Cyrus H. Azani Senior Systems Engineer Information Technology and Systems Group TRW Corporation From the abstract: This paper elaborates on distinctions between closed and open systems and will discuss strategies for implementing open systems. The paper also reviews and discusses the test and evaluation challenges associated with open systems and proposes a number of critical developmental issues as a checklist to supplement the information gathered by testers. The paper also emphasizes that the test of openness for the interfaces within a system must only be done when operational and developmental requirements either directly or indirectly require open system implementation and the use of open standards for selected interfaces within a system.